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Lower back pain is a common ailment from which most of us suffer at some point of our lives. This pain can be either acute or become chronic with time. From conservative to modern techniques for this common ailment have been practiced and invented since many years to cure the problem. Be it exercises, medication, home remedies or pillows fro lower back pain, all have been used and have shown improvement in the lower back pain.

Here we will discuss about the pillows which can cure the different kinds of lower back ailments. But first look at some of the causes of lower back pain which if not treated, in long term may make people bed-ridden for weeks.

Some Common Causes of Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain generally emerges due to musculoskeletal problems. The causes of lower back pain can be many. Majority of lower back sufferings are due to below reasons:

Long hours of sitting and working on computer Improper seating posture Improper computer chair Long hours of standing Wrong sleeping positions Wrong kind of beddings and pillows strain back and neck Sprain or strain in back muscles due to some physical activity like carrying or holding heavy weight or slip from stairs or any accident etc

Using Pillow In Lower Back Pain:

Using pillow to get relief from lower back pain is not a recent remedy. Since many years pillows have been used to cure the problem. In a bid to improvise and seek complete relief from different kinds of blower back pain, doctors, physiotherapist, orthopedics and healthcare products manufacturers have invented and manufactured different kind of pillows to ease lower back pain.

These pillows are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. They are specific to different kinds of pain and pain area on back. These specially designed pillows give ample relief from lower back pain. Some common pillows for lower back pain are:

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Texas Pain Relief

Lower Back Support Pillows Or Lumbar Pillow:

It is generally a wedge-shaped pillow to be placed under the lower back to support and reduce strain and stress on the back. It is especially good for pains like sciatica. In a seated position, this pillow fills the gap between the lower spine and the chair. It is good while going for long driving or long flight travels.

Donut Pillows:

The donut-shaped pillow is put on the seat part of a chair. It has a hole or a dip in the center of the pillow due to which you can sit with least pressure in the tailbone.

Leg Pillow: The leg pillows elevate the legs, ankles and feet. It helps to stretch the back and relax the tight lower back muscles. By using a pillow under knees it removes the strain off the lower back and hips, thus relaxing muscles.

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