Did You Make a New Years Resolution to Lose Weight

So the holidays are over, and we are into the New Year. After the holidays almost everyone makes a New Years resolution to lose weight. But how many people actually follow through with it? After all of the holidays feasts and goodies, many people either want to lose their holiday weight or want to take advantage of the hope that a New Year brings to shed some pounds. No matter the reason, the important factor is whether or not you will actually do it.At this time of year the dieting industry is in full swing. On television you will notice there are even more commercials for every type of dieting product there is, so why is it that we have such a difficulty to actually make the changes necessary to lose the weight?

There are a number of reasons people dont actually follow through with a resolution to lose weight. First, some people are more caught up with the idea to change in the New Year, but actually havent made a serious commitment to change. Others, start off great with some fad diet, and likely lose a few pounds, but the sustainability of the diet may not be realistic. Also, there are people that just dont understand how much hard work is required to lose weight. Losing weight is hard, involves commitment, and takes a lot of time and effort.

If you are serious to follow through with your New Years resolution, there are some tips to help ensure that you succeed:

Make smaller changes, that you can sustain!

Fad dieting will make you lose weigh faster, but the odds are that next year youll be making yet another resolution to lose weight because you werent able to keep it up. Try eating smaller more frequent meals, finding lower calorie alternatives for foods, and eat out less often.

Get competitive!

If you are dieting with someone else its easier, you can talk about the difficulties, blow off steam if necessary, and get into the competitive spirit a bit. The only warning is not to get too competitive, this will only make you depressed if the other person happens to lose more weight than you or has a better week. If you dont know anyone who is as serious about losing weight as you are, you can find a number of websites with forums, blogs, or chat rooms full of people trying to lose weight too.Keep track! Keeping track of what you eat, any physical exercise, and your progress will help. People who are honest with themselves and keep accurate records tend to do better. You dont have to show anyone your records, so make sure that you write down EVERYTHING, you may not even realize how much you are eating in a day.

Set a realistic goal!

Saying that you want to lose 50 pounds in 2 months is not realistic, nor is it safe. If your goal is not realistic, you will just be disappointed and probably end up quitting. Make smaller goals and if you exceed your goal you will only be pleasantly surprised. Be sure, however, to make your goal challenging too, really think about it because it is an important factor in whether or not you will succeed.

Dont get depressed!

Even if you slip or dont do well for a week or two, just keep trying. People lose weight in different ways, you may hit bumps in the road, but dont stress over it, just keep it up.
If you are truly serious, your New Years resolution can become a reality.